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Occupational Therapy empowers everyday living.

Occupational Therapy is all about enhancing the quality of life for individuals of all ages. It helps people gain or regain independence in their daily activities, from self-care to leisure pursuits. By focusing on tailored strategies and exercises, occupational therapy can improve physical, cognitive, and motor skills. This holistic approach not only aids in overcoming physical challenges but also boosts confidence and promotes a more fulfilling lifestyle.

Occupational Therapy

We offer a variety of OT services to fit the needs of every child and family including:

OT Evaluations : A comprehensive Occupational Therapy Assessment, which can include standardized testing, as well as both formal and informal observations to create a treatment plan and goals for your child, should occupational therapy treatment be recommended. An inclusive formal written report is included.

In-Home Treatment Sessions: We bring occupational therapy to you, in the comfort of your home, with our sensory integration, academic, and child-friendly materials and activities. Our creative occupational therapists will set up an emotionally-safe and learning-conducive environment within your home to target your child's goals.

In-School Treatment Sessions: We understand some children have busy afternoon schedules or maybe the school environment seems to be the most challenging for your child. We offer occupational therapy within the classroom environment, with the added benefit of teacher collaboration and social skill building.

Observation Screening and Consultation: Not sure if your child needs occupational therapy services? Schedule an observation with us to gather more information about your child and determine if there is a need for services or a more comprehensive evaluation.

Virtual Telehealth OT Sessions: Whether you are located outside of our service area or virtual sessions just work better for your family, our imaginative team is able to provide engaging virtual occupational therapy sessions for your child 5+ years of age.

Small Group Programs: We love engaging groups of children working on similar goals, especially when targeting social-emotional skill building. Ask us about our current small group programs!

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