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Empowering lives through Occupational Therapy serving families with heart in West LA
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Loving Mom

"Our Family has worked with Corbin for years. We first met her when my son was 2 (currently 8.5). She has watched our son grow up, gain a baby sister and baby brother, start school, change schools, and move. She has been flexible with family changes and really been our sons rock (mine too- cuz mom life is tough) throughout it all.

Our son always loved his sessions and had such an amazing connection with Corbin, our daughter requested sessions with her as well!

I’ll forever be grateful for the confidence Corbin has given my son and daughter (currently 6yo), the guidance she’s given us all and mostly the love and grace she exudes every single time we see her. Her kindness alone makes this world better, and I couldn’t think of a better person to help guide your child (and you) through challenges."

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Professional Colleague

"I've worked closely with Corbin in a professional capacity, and she is a highly competent and skilled professional who avidly aims to meet families’ needs and support their goals.

Throughout my years practicing, I have referred many families to her and have worked jointly in sessions. Corbin’s passion for the betterment of children’s well-being is evident not only in her practice and treatment with families, but is apparent in her efforts to put forth a product that is accessible, meaningful, and effective for family development. I am eager to see how her practice grows and, further, how she continues to contribute to the lives of our youth. Also, the kits are a must-have for all families (and also practitioners)!"

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Loving Mom

"Where do we even begin? My son is enthralled with Corbin. He talks about seeing her in the moon and stars - everywhere that is magical to him. Because - he thinks of her as MAGIC - his beloved “Corby” as he calls her.

And no wonder - she manages to be upbeat, attentive, and engaged every moment of our time together. Her energy is perfection: playful but directive. She has changed his life - opened his body to movement and experiences and connection and he is THRIVING.

Thank you will never be enough. We have so much gratitude for who Corbin is - what she has can’t be taught - just in her heart!"